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          It has been proven time and again that each of us have the ability to create as granted to us by our Creator. I have said that God made us in His image and part of that image is our ability to create each of our own worlds independently from each other. Naturally our choices are one of the indicators of our ability to world build. God has even made us so we can choose to believe in Him or not. The fact is that we all can and will create. This is undeniable as are any of Gods' laws such as gravity. Now I want you to think about Gods' laws. They are real; you can not escape them by denying them. If you think you can, then jump up into the sky and fly away right now defying gravity. Go ahead and try. If you tried then you are worse off than you think. If you tried and succeeded I want to know what kind of drugs you are on.

          Just like the law of gravity the laws of creation are undeniable. You will create your world with your thoughts whether you want to or not. It is undeniable. Now with that in mind can you see how incredibly powerful our thoughts are?

          I have spent many years trying to understand how it is that we create our own worlds. I found myself looking for complex reasoning as to how all this works together. However over the last couple of years of beating this subject to death I finally realized a plain truth. There is no mystery or complexity to our creator. He has always been and still is straight forward, easy to understand, and very clear in defining who He is and what He is all about. Since that is true why it is we as people have a tendency to look for the most complex paths of understandings in our worlds?  I have thought this out and studied a lot of successful people. (For the sake of time I'll define successful later, it probably won't be what most would say are successful)  After witnessing true success and learning about who God truly is I decided to apply a very old idea to myself. When faced with dilemmas, trials, or just trying to figure out why someone acts the way they do, apply the KISS principle to it as I think it through. K= KEEP, I= IT, S= SIMPLE, S= STUPID!

          Now as we simplify the thinking about our world building abilities. Understand that part of who God made us was our minds. Yes I said minds. As if there were more then one of these intriguing things for each of us to deal with. Can you imagine it? There are more then one mind in each of us although some have been accused of not having any mind at all but that is another discussion. The truth is there are three minds in each of us. They all live together, work together, and communicate with each other. They all three are required in order to make one whole person all the while being completely independent from each other. Isn't that interesting? It's kind of like God. Three independent entities combined to make one whole. Hmmmmm! Anyway we do have three minds. One controls our motor skills like heartbeat, breathing, digestion, blood pressure, and every other physical aspect of who we are. Another is our conscience thought mind. The one that we actively make choices with, reason with, think with, knows love and hate, has feelings and desires. This is know as our outer mind. The last one is our inner mind or subconscious. 

This part of us make no choices, reacts instead of thinks, is automatic, stores info like a computer, has no feelings or desires. This part of our mind is a tape recorder. It only can reflect according to what has been stored on its' tapes. You must understand that every detail of your life is stored in your inner mind. It is a permanent record of your thought life; Inerasable, undeniable, a moving picture of you and all of your experiences. And while the conscience mind can forget almost anything. It also can distort things to help reconcile bad choices it's made or deny a truth it can not accept, the inner mind knows all as things really happened in your life and keeps that record I believe for eternity!

I will speculate now that when we all stand at judgment the very thing we will see before us is our own built in record of our lives stored away in our inner minds. So with all of this it is easy to see one way we create our worlds with our thoughts.

          The last thing I will write today is something I want you to understand. I said the three minds live together, work together, and communicate with each other. Think about one of these ways of working together that we all witnessed.     

Watch a child learn to walk. He has a very hard time at first, but with practice he becomes very good at it and soon he begins to run! The outer mind thought how and then learned how. After that it became an automatic skill. At that point the inner mind took over and he no longer had to think how to walk. That is the way we are created!

Now let's go through the process. So as a skilled walker when we desire to walk our outer mind asks our inner mind how and the inner mind plugs in the walk tape and we walk without having to use our outer mind at all. You see the outer mind taught the inner mind how, and from that time on it became automatic.

More later!!!

I want to wish all of you a wonderful New Year!!!  DAVE

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