Category: Religion and Philosophy     Monday, December 11, 2006

World of the outer mind is influenced and built based on input from outside sources. The world of the inner mind can be secretive and is influenced from inner thought. In the event of the two worlds being contradictory to each other there is extreme rationalization from the mind of the outer world. When this happens the individual becomes burdened with incredible challenges which seem to be irresolvable. The conflict then rages on until complete breakdown occurs in the thought processes and that person starts living in a world of complete fiction. Everything surrounding the mind becomes false. Paranoia is prevalent; the outer mind looks for new ways to cope and becomes irritated and unproductive. The inner mind starts to look for ways to cope as well and develops paths that are designed to put the conflict and degradation to rest. This never works and the minds eventually breakdown and soon the person will self-destruct. 

          The only cure for this common problem is for the victim of this self destructive pattern to search out and find out who they really are on the inside. That is to say they must force their inner mind to manifest itself and live out that manifestation in the outer world. This is usually very difficult because the inner mind has become a secret world full of items that will destroy the self image of the outer mind. The minds are usually equal in strength and will combat each other to the point of destruction if they can not come to grips with each other. The inner mind is more likely to change its direction after it is allowed to be itself and the out mind becomes compliant. The combining of those two forces usually requires institutionalization and extreme disciplines forcing the individual to be who they really are. That is the one they have hid away for most of their lives. God says there are consequences for all sins. If the inner mind has entered into that area of consequence, then the more the person needs to live out his life as he is. The inner mind is normally very good at hiding from consequence but the mind is designed to breakdown the barriers in later life and will pay none the matter.

          The conflict is normal and expected until the outer and inner minds unite their worlds. Intense treatments and meditations are required. The outer mind must carry the burdens of the inner minds world with it at all times in order to accept and institute change.

God did create man in His own image!



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