God Loves to Cause Division... LOL           Part One

         Category:   Religion and Philosophy            Friday, August 24, 2007

As I was thinking about my last letter I became intrigued with the process of creation (again). Let's see, Adam was obviously created as an androgynous creature. In this way Adam was spiritually male and female. (How do we know this? Because Eve came from Adam!) God later decided that "it is not good for [Adam] to be alone," and created the separate beings of Adam and Eve, thus creating the concept of two people joining together to achieve a union of the two separate spirits. It's very plain that God took Eve from Adam. That means she was a part of him before she was taken away from him and given back as a gift. I could not help but wonder about this event. How does it fit in to the rest of creation? This one event seems to be different from the other aspects of creation, but the truth is that this event is exactly in line with everything else God had done during that first six days.

            It started with light. Light is something most of us take for granted everyday of our lives, but in reality light is one of the most important symbols of God's creation. Light is the first indication of God's plan.

            When God made the light He intended it to separate all things from darkness. Light will not tolerate darkness. They are two poles of opposite reaction and naturally repel each other with violence.

Consider this:

Day ONE,
the next day He divided the waters above from the waters below.
Third day, God commanded the waters to be separate from the dry land.
Fourth day, He separated the DAY FROM THE NIGHT and put the sun and moon in the heavens. Why?  To separate the light from the darkness;
and GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD, Separation is good

Even Eve was separated out from Adam.

The whole basis of creation was separation. Everything God creates is built on separation
and formed by division and fusion is that which follows division.

In other words God's plan of division leads to harmony and fusion. That is a scientific fact. The question is how does this apply to us? Think about this: When Eve ate of darkness and fed it to Adam, separation was the sudden and immediate result. Separated from God divided from each other, cast from the Garden and excluded from their destiny.

This is where I stop for now. I will continue soon with the rest of the story in
part two, titled    "Is Division Good or Bad?"

    Till Later, Dave


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