Is Division Good or Bad?      Part Two

         Category:   Religion and Philosophy           Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The last time I left off was at the division that God had placed upon Adam and Eve after the fall. I also wrote about the separation that was a very important plan of creation. Today I want to continue where I left off…

          A major part of the plan of creation was the separation and division that God had put in place.  What genius! God knew that He wanted to make a creature that would desire to have a relationship with Him.  Not a puppet without choices but rather a group of individuals that decided they wanted to come to know and eventually love Him.  He is building a place for those that choose to spend eternity with Him.  In my view our lives now are also a proving ground for that eternity. We must learn how to live in eternity. I don't know about you, but I have messed up things here on earth so badly and so severely at times, that I can't imagine how I could make eternity. Anyway, I believe in a nutshell that this is His plan. Earth equals a proving ground and we have to learn while we are here to be ready to spend time there (in eternity).

          Now, back to the subject of separation and division...  If you take a look at history, keep in mind that creation was a plan of separation, even to the point of separating Eve from Adam, then you start to see how it works.  Adam was living in paradise. It was heaven, a place with no burdens, walking personally with God each day, and so on.  Now God had started the separation process before Adam was even a grain of dust (lol).  Now, God wanted to test Adam to see if he would love God in spite of burdens and such. So what happens? Adam and Eve together make a choice to goof up and sin. At that point, they become the next part of creation that is separated. Up until that moment they were a part of the eternal kingdom, but now they are put out of the garden (heaven) and separated from God.

          The next 10,000 or so years the human race has spent countless hours, and energy trying to put it all back together again. It is our nature and we cannot help it.  Now the separations had continued after those first six days.  Let's see; The Flood, the Tower of Babble, Race and Nationality Conflicts, etc…  Then we go on to religious division, more wars, and the sexual revolutions that have happened many times over many centuries (one of my favorite subjects).  Let's not forget the oppression of man by men and the list goes on.  Do you realize that the conflicts and wars have been fought are actually based on the human desire to overcome separation.  That is the Adamic nature, the very nature of man!  We want to put back together what God has put asunder!  It is His plan and a darn good one at that!  Because there will be no separation or division during eternity in a place called heaven.

          My friends, I am certainly not done. There's more to come ! 
Until later!  Dave


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