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When God puts together a person He builds them for a purpose. They have everything they need to accomplish that purpose. We must find what it is that we are expected to do with our selves by our Creators standard and then build our lives around that standard. Many times our calling is only one thing like being a parent, teacher, or simply to be happy as a light unto the world. We sometimes overlook the simplicity in life and think we have to strive for more then what was expected. Many times we miss the greatest calling in our lives by running from ourselves and what God has made us to be. 

          The secret to happy life is calmness and confidence. If we can claim those two things because of whom God is and we live by faith in Him, then we can be considered good stewards and find true peace.

          Many people spend large amounts of time and energy trying to be someone they are not. This happens in various and diverse degrees and leads to failure. No peace can be found outside or from within when one lives in this way. This problem is in epidemic proportions throughout our world today.

          The worst thing anyone can do is attempt to hide away the person they have imagined themselves to be. It indicates that one is ashamed of them and is not even willing to see who they have made or let anyone else see them. This causes one to live in a secretive world and breeds instability in all things. The scriptures talk of a man that is tossed about by like the waves of the sea and unstable in all of his ways when not deciding who he / she is.

          The answer is prayer. Long, hard, reverent prayer, that asks God himself for joy, happiness, and success. Ask God to bring you to be the one He created and He will. Expect God to show you the one you created first so you may understand the choice you are going to be asked to make though. This will be hard for any person that has created a personality outside of Gods will for them and at the same time covered up the person God has created in them. My advice is to accept yourself where you are today. Do not hide from the world as that person. And then relax, have calmness and confidence as God answers your prayer.


Blessings, Dave

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