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Genesis chapter 1  -  God made man in his image male and female he made him …

There are reasons for the laws that were set in place throughout the scriptures … Even some of the harsh and laws that appear contradictory had reasons that apply to us today … Over time the law changes simply because man has changed in his cultural ways and sometimes the laws appear to contradict themselves … early in the scriptures the laws laid a basic foundation for hygienic and moral standards that apply even today … some of the laws have psychological ramifications if broken consistently … I believe there needs to be a study on the foundational laws of genesis to find if there is a connection to our society today …I believe there is a connection … 

        Before I look for this connection we must consider what it was that comprised the laws of Moses. As I look at these it is obvious that the Old Testament laws are broken down into at least three categories. Ceremonial laws (laws of worship), civil laws (laws of the land). And Moral laws (laws defining sin against God)

        The ceremonial laws were designed to give people principles that were to be applied to worshipping and serving a holy God. The principles behind those laws still apply to us today.

        The Civil laws separated the Jews from the gentiles of the day. They were designed to give example to the gentiles how holy people should live as a matter of testimony. Today this example of civil law is supposed to be for the non Christian by the Christian. This is what Jesus referred to when He said give unto Caesar what is Caesars. As well as Paul's Direction in Romans chapter 13 when we are told to adhere to the laws of the land because God placed the people of government in authority over us. (Here we thought we decided by a voting process, HA!) So these laws apply to us today as well.  We need to be an example to everyone around us that knows not our Savior or we have failed.

        The last area is Moral laws. These are basically the great Ten Commandments. These laws show us how to live a holy life. They do not lead us to salvation but they will keep our hearts pure if we follow them. This is what God cares about the most. Our hearts!

        Our society today has become lax. Especially the Christian culture has wandered away from the most important things. We look at some of the ordinances of the Old Testament and shrug them off as obsolete. My friends the ordinances may be obsolete because of the culture and social circumstances of that day and were never meant to be permanent but there are no ordinances in the Ten Commandments!  

Look at today's society. Ask yourself, is there much of a difference between the Christian and non-Christian behavior? As always, God looks to the heart. His laws and ordinances are put in place for us to protect our own hearts. That is the most important thing to our mighty Creator. Where is your heart today?

Until later, Dave

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