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      Prior to 2001, Our family had traveled throughout this nation as musical evangelist for over six years. We had the privilege to witness many different styles and concepts of sharing as we sang and told others about Christ. We visited well over 600 different churches, Most of them at least twice during those years.  We watched over 3,600 people make decisions for Christ during that time. In no way am  I trying to brag on what we did because it was what God had done that made it all possible.  I just want you to understand that I am basing my comments on experience and not on hearsay.  The scriptures read that we are to go through-out the world and preach the gospel. Sharing Christ with others is a command from Jesus himself to each individual that is called a child of God.  However I have found this to be an area that most churches lack in. We as a body of Christ are not taking Him serious at His word!


          This entry is to express an opinion based on observations that I have on this subject

 When we stopped traveling and started getting back to what most would call a "normal" lifestyle, we settled in as a family that worshipped together at church each Sunday. During the week we would always take every opportunity to fellowship with others. During this time I saw the lack of many believers to do what is commanded of them in regards to almost every facet of the scriptures. I then started studying the various situations and tried to find the sources of the problem. I concluded that there were many sources of breakdown within the local churches which I do not have time to list them today. Maybe another time I will. However, over the course of the last few years I have come to realize that the people most productive at spreading the gospel are the ones outside of the "organized church" and not the ones inside the confining walls of most sanctuaries. If I were to list some of these people that have really impacted the lost as a whole, I believe you will be surprised at

the way they have ministered ( their methods) and how incredibly effective those ministries have been and still are today. I have also found that Jesus performed His earthly ministry outside of the organized church. I have found, with a few exceptions that churches today for the most part are functioning more as social clubs for those attending and are regulated by strong internal politics. A lot of these polices actually shut out the lost, or hinder the reaching of them. This is a absolute shame and as Paul stated "should not be so"

            I am not advocating any form of legalism or a pious attitude, that is another source of downfall for many churches. I simply believe we should be doing more of what Christ commanded, which is reaching the lost and loving people. God loves people.  But can the lost see that love through us? We should be spending less time worrying about temporal matters in the church.  

            By the way we are attending church on a regular basis. I have also surrendered myself to God asking Him to show me what I can do to help with this problem. Thank you for allowing me to share…until another time DaveJ

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