Stewardship Part I

         Category:   Religion and Philosophy               Thursday, September 10, 2009

If your dad came to you with a gift just because he loves you what would you do with that gift? The manner in which you accept and use the gift would depend a lot upon your maturity level. Let’s say your dad gave you a car.  There were many reasons he gave it to you. Your need would most likely be the first reason. However, you must know that as your dad gave you that gift he also gained great joy from the act of giving as he watched you receive it with wide open eyes and perhaps even a joyful shout. But imagine you took the car and went about the business of driving it hard and beating it. Let’s say you showed no respect for your dad’s gift. You even refuse to take care of the car because of your lack of caring and it breaks down due to no maintenance. Can you imagine how dad would feel? First there might be hurt, soon to follow frustration, and even anger at your arrogance. Your dad may react in any of a number of ways. He might ignore your actions trying to justify your behavior in his own heart. Or he might take the car away and give it to someone he feels would use it appreciatively. He may just turn his back for the time and hope you grow up to be more responsible and caring. Can you picture this scenario in your mind?

Now let’s imagine the dad is now God our Father in heaven. AS His children each of us has been given gifts and each of us is accountable to receive and steward over those gifts as something precious and valuable. Think about that for a second. The Creator of the universe has given us many gifts that WE are accountable for. I have watched in my own life examples of gifts I have received from God. In some cases I was the immature receiver and God had become upset with me. Sometimes I have experienced my Father turning his back as He waits on me to “grow up” so I can better handle what He has for me in the future.

If we see an area in our lives that we believe was a blessing from God and things have came to a stop. Could it be that God has decided to wait for us to grow up so He can start to bless us in that area again? I believe it is time to look around in our individual worlds, determine where God has blessed us, and then treat that blessing as something valuable and precious. It is time to start watching and listening to God our eternal Father. Until later, Dave



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