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  Do you have something you would like to change about yourself, or maybe a situation. you want to change? Changing our worlds is only possible when we think differently.  We can start down a new road by turning negatives into positives.  Look for the good instead of the evil. When we deal with perceptions we should assume the best instead of the worst, leading you toward righteous thinking.

     When we contemplate doing the right things we must think about God and how He considers the person that wants to do what is right.  Righteousness is one thing that God will react to in a very positive manner. It is something that blesses Him. He pays the righteous with justice, love, and grace.

     When we pray we must ask God for a righteous result that will change our worlds for that cause.  Then the next thing is to clear our minds, be silent, and wait.  Have a pen and paper in hand and write what the spirit puts on your heart. This will help you to remember and even review at a later date.

     When you look at the saints in scripture or into the lives of blessed people that you now know, you will see that even though every one of them has made great mistakes from time to time, God always blesses a person with a heart that seeks to do what is right. That is a very important key.  A heart that seeks Him is always asking Him to show them what is right.  Since our mind is the most important part of this process we have to learn how to control it.  That may be hard at first, but it can be done.

God has created man and woman in his image and likeness.  Since God is spirit and not physical, what does He mean when He makes that statement?  As we search the scriptures there are truths revealed that we as a body of Christians either take for granted, or we miss all together.

     God has created us different from anything else in this world.  As humans we are made of three things;   Mind, Body, and Spirit.  This is evident as you compare yourself to creation.  It also should help us to understand the concept of the trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  The comparison is obvious;   God = mind,   Christ is God manifest = body,    The Holy Spirit = the spirit  of man...

     When you pray, you use your mind to think and communicate (create) into our lives.  We sometimes become so distracted with our individual worlds and its set of problems that we lose the ability to pray effectively.  What is worse is that we also lose the ability to hear God's voice when he speaks to us.

     One of the problems is that some of us have not grasped the idea that one of the things God is referring to when He says, He created us in His image, is the fact that each of us has thought our own worlds into existence.  Just like God thought the entire creation into existence. We need to realize that it is our choices and thoughts that control our lives and make our worlds what they are. Nothing is to chance that would be contrary to Gods' principles and His laws.

    Here are two things to remember that will start anyone down a new road:

1.    As I said earlier …pen, paper, prayer, then silence …

2.    The next thing is to clear the mind…You must learn to do this…it will become a life long hobby that you will enjoy once you have mastered it.  Start with controlling the last thought on your mind when going to sleep.  Repeatedly say to yourself something like "I am happy".  Or seek out a positive desire to a problem you are currently dealing with. Do this for three consecutive nights and you will notice changes starting to take place as you learn how to control your mind and your thoughts. Use this same pattern for other changes you want to make in your world.  I'll stop here for now....Dave  

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