Category:  Religion and Philosophy                Tuesday, May  18, 2010

          Have you ever been in an argument that started out as a minor disagreement and seemed to steadily escalate to the point of no return? Usually when that happens after the dust settles, you will realize how stupid it was to go that far or even sometimes forget what started the fight in the first place.  How does that happen? I mean after all aren’t we mature thinking adults that would never lose control of our thoughts, tongues, or even sometimes hands? Well rest assured there is a very good reason. That reason is one of God’s undeniable laws.  

          To explain undeniable laws are the set of laws God put in place to organize the world at the time of creation. The first and most obvious is the Law of gravity. That is definitely an undeniable Law that we all clearly understand. The undeniable law that allows us to step into those knock down, drag out fights against all human logic is known as “The Law of Cause and Effect”. This law is also known by other terminology as “For Every Action There Is an Opposite and Equal Reaction”.

          When we think of “For Every Action There Is an Opposite and Equal Reaction” it is usually with regard to such things as balls bouncing off a wall or two cars hitting each other and reflecting which is accurate. However the laws God put in place are not limited only to tangible items with mass. They also apply to humans at every level. From the masses to the individual the law cannot be denied. Hence God’s undeniable Laws. Briefly I want to point out some examples of this law in action on a large scale.

          In 1972 President Nixon declared a “National War on Drugs”. Although the moral intent was positive the result of that government move was disastrous.  Let’s examine the outcome thus far.

          Before the War of Drugs drug use was relatively limited to hippies, experimenting young people, addicts on the street, and rebellious partiers. Today the drug “industry” has exploded into a worldwide multi billion dollar industry. The people using illegal drugs have increase in proportion to population by an astounding six hundred percent that still includes the previous group of people above. Illegal drugs have now reached into homes and businesses where it was never dreamed possible and caused an incredible increase in rape, robberies, and early deaths. The drug industry has filled our prisons to capacity and destroyed more families than we can comprehend.  More people are involved with illegal drug use!

          Another example is during the 1920’s the government declared war on alcohol.  The prohibition act was passed and suddenly as if it was overnight there was more illegal booze on the streets and in the hills than anyone had ever dreamed of. Again, the war created millionaire gangsters and created havoc completely across the nation. More people were drinking unsafe alcohol than before the law! I think there is something in us as individuals that refuse to be told what we cannot do!       

          I could go on with examples such as this but I think I have made my point and you can reflect on personal situations or even historical events and find the facts. One thing for sure is the law “For Every Action There Is an Opposite and Equal Reaction” can not be denied. When ever we set out to fight against something as the aggressor you can bet that the war itself will take on a life of its own. That fact is true at every level, from the personal squabble on the road that could turn into road rage to the full scale world war on drug trafficking.

          In the scriptures Jesus said to turn the other cheek when someone attacks you. What I believe he is saying is except for the cause of righteousness do not give life to your enemies battles against you. 

It is easy to discern what is appropriate when reacting to confrontation. Remember Jesus at the temple when the money changers were cheating the people? Jesus went in there and took care of business (so to speak). That was a case of righteous anger. Jesus was going to win that battle because it was a matter of righteousness. But also remember when Jesus was at the cross? He never spoke other than to say “Forgive them”. Through Jesus handling that day in that way, the facts of salvation through the blood of Jesus is still taught and adhered to today!

          If your in a situation that causes you to want to overwhelm your attacker please consider the “For Every Action There Is an Opposite and Equal Reaction” law. If you just wait not giving the war energy through responding you will find that the enemy will if not immediately eventually come back to you to make it right again. Then you will have peace and know that this person was not your enemy after all.  Until later, Dave  

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