Category:   Religion and Philosophy              Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Someone asked me a while back what I thought about the division and strife that our nation has gone through over the years. This person was of the opinion that God, our Creator is not happy about the division and diversity of humankind, and even went so far as to state that division is a creation of Satan. (By the way Satan is unable to create anything!) I immediately disagreed stating that I believe God expects diversity and division and God uses those things to allow us to test ourselves. Those tests are designed to show us who we are collectively and individually as we handle the trials, diversity, and divisions of life. Today I want to go a little further with those thoughts.

            When God created this ole world He started by organizing the universe. The bible says the world was void and without form. God then went about the business of putting everything in its proper place. He did that by division. He divided the land from the sea, and light from darkness. He then went on with the work of creating the plants and animals, each after its own kind. As you follow the creation account in Genesis it becomes obvious God was in the dividing business. Now with this in mind let’s think about some other divisions man has tried to bring together. Remember when the Tower of Babble was built? That tower was an attempt to bridge the division between heaven and earth. It didn’t work out so well because now we have divided languages over the world that God put in place so people could not so easily conspire. Think about that for a minute!

I want to point out the power of altering Gods laws of division. At the beginning when the earth was without form there were no laws of the universe yet in place. Things like gravity, light, heat, time, etc. did not exist. They were laws God created to enforce order. We call that order “Nature”. Now if you take the laws of nature away you will have disorganization. Scientists have given a word to define a disorganized universe. It is a place with no order that lives by the rules of what we call quantum physics. With quantum physics there are no rules. Things just go wild just like a place that is void and without form. Scientist also figured out a few years ago how to create an environment where the laws of our world can be broken. The power of that environment is indescribable. To give you an example those physicist and scientist were able to take 110 pounds of rock and force 5 pounds of dissimilar rock into it at a high speed and that would produce an environment that was void and without form. We know that environment as the atom bomb and the event first happened on August 6, 1945 when 70,000 people were instantly killed by either vaporization or fire! That’s what can happen when mankind tries to put back together what God has divided.  

Today mankind is still at work with attempts to bridge the divisions God put in place. There are cultural, gender, moral, political, social, and religious divisions that some are guilty of working very hard to bring together in the name of peace and well being for mankind. I believe if God wanted everything to be undivided He would have made it that way from the start. I also believe God wants us to work together as a part of the human condition to create our own worlds while utilizing, experiencing, and enjoying (in some cases) those things God has divided. God has put in place the perfect example for us to follow in His son Jesus. Jesus was the only one who spoke a universal language of love that bridges all divides. Let’s stop working to blur the divides and start utilizing and experiencing exactly what God had intended.
Until later, Dave


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