Category:   Religion and Philosophy      Date:   Jan 8, 2008

You have probably read in history books about the atomic bombs used in World War II. Being a history buff I found it very interesting to read the first hand accounts from individuals who experienced the disasters of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The instantaneous destruction of everything within the radius of those weapons was complete and ever lasting. Even to this day there are places that do not grow grass in those cities and people that suffer from radiation poisoning. I came from a generation that lived under the threat of nuclear attack. I remember those practice drills, ducking under my desk at school, and the underground home bomb shelter salesman coming to our house in an attempt to sell us security from an inevitable fate of destruction. I remember my dad telling one salesman that if we are attacked by a bomb that there would be no reason to survive because nothing would be left when we came out of the shelter.

In the news today many countries have been negotiating to disarm their arsenals of nuclear weapons, other countries have been developing nuclear weapons programs. Our world is even less secure than it was during my childhood. As I have given thought  to this situation I wondered how mankind had discovered this incredibly destructive weapon. What I found was interesting.

I stumbled upon a TV documentary about Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics is the study of the unseen world around us. Things like atoms, protons, and neutrons inhabit this world. This study is way beyond my realm of thinking, but one thing the narrator said stuck out. He said the world we see is highly organized and predictable. Things like gravity, the air we breathe, laws of motion, and the laws of action and reaction are evident to the point that we can relay upon them without thinking. But the unseen world of Quantum Physics is not so. It is extremely unorganized. There are no rules that dictate how things are going to act or react under any given set of circumstances.

That line of thinking led me to the bible.  Genesis 1;1-2 reads; "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". (v2) "And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters". After those two verses God immediately started at the work of organizing the world. First it was creating light and separating the light from the darkness. Then God separated the waters from the waters with a firmament. Then he separated the waters in heavens from the waters on earth with a expanse. Then he named the separation evening and day. The he separated the waters from the land and named them land and sea. You get the idea. The beginnings of the book of Genesis is about God dividing and organizing our world as we still know it today.  Now if you go to Revelation and study the words about the end times you will see something completely different.

I won't go through all of the grim detail from Revelation. I do encourage you to read it sometime soon. But just one section will serve to explain where I am going here.

 In 16:3, the sea is turned to blood, and everything dies in the sea, and in 16:4 the rivers become blood. In 16:8 the sun becomes brighter and scorches the earth. And in 16:10 the Kingdom of the Antichrist is plunged into darkness and pain.

Think about that for a minute! The sea is turned to BLOOD! Everything dies in the sea! The sun becomes brighter, scorching the earth, while one nation suffers from complete darkness! I didn't even mention the scrolls or plagues. Think about a world where you have to have a mark (the mark of the beast) in order to eat! Wow! What a mess. That what it is, a mess that God is going to destroy. He promises in His word that the mess will be destroyed.

It is in my heart that after humans have done as much destruction as possible in this world, mostly through arrogant and sometimes ignorant choices in each person's personal worlds, that God is going to pull His hand of organization from this world. God says he will rebuild the world after all is destroyed,  we can see He is very capable of doing that.

Now let's go back to the atomic bombs of World War 2. It is recorded the men that figured out how to make those bombs were reluctant to complete the project because they knew they were delving into an area where we did not belong. In the course of their studies as scientist they unveiled a part of the disorganized world of Quantum Physics. Those physics are the very thing that makes the existence of a nuclear bomb possible. I believe God created our world through the process of organizing the disorganized. He took those atoms, protons, and neutrons, organized them and created this world from them. I also believe God will eventually allow the process to go backwards at the end of the age and rebuild the world as a place called heaven.

Friends, I did not write this as an alarmist trying to strike fear in everyone's heart but rather as truth so we may remember. If we keep that truth in our hearts it will guide us to make better choices during our lives.  But there is even something more pressing to consider.

God's word promises a "blessed hope" through Christ the savior.  If we make a decision to trust Jesus with our lives and know that he is our salvation, then we do not have to endure those times of God allowing such disorganization in our world. Jesus promised to take those that believe in Him home to that heaven, and not to leave us here with no hope during times of total despair. That promise applies to everyone and anyone today as well. No matter who you are, how bad you think you are, or what you have done. Jesus promises salvation and daily hope for your life if you trust in Him. If you haven't made THAT CHOICE, or maybe you don't know how to take the first step, please let me know and I will do everything possible to start you on that path.  Jesus turned my life around in unimaginable ways; He will do the same for you. Just make a choice to let Him.

Until Later, Dave


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