Category:   Religion and Philosophy              Wednesday, August 8, 2007


One of my spiritual gifts is discernment. So you better watch out because I can sense things when I walk into a room or even about you, that you may not want anyone to know!  LOL …J
                       Seriously, I want to talk about gifts

When God gives us spiritual gifts we are placed in a position of accountability. Can you imagine God giving something directly to you? What an incredible honor! However sometimes we forget the fact that when God gives us something, He always has a purpose in mind. We also sometimes forget that along with the gift comes a requirement. That requirement is called stewardship. If we love God like we say we do, and He has given us a spiritual gift, we then need to care enough about what God has done in our lives to be a good steward over that gift. Don't forget we are talking about God. He is a great big, awesome, majestic, all powerful, glorious, creating force that has trusted you and me with one or more spiritual gifts.

I have a question. Why is it that the majority of people either hide their gift away so no one can see it, or they never even bother to find out what the gift (s) is all about?  What is your gift? Do you know? Do you even care? I know one of the gifts God has given you. Did you forget?

The name of the greatest gift is Jesus Christ.

Until later, Dave


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