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I was shocked today when someone told me that these days many young women are taught in school and even the home, that being a housewife and fulltime mother is a demeaning and unfulfilling way of life. Supposedly women can only be happy by pursuing some sort of a fulfilling career! That is one of the most damaging statements I have heard in a long time. I want you to think about that for a minute. Here is the woman created as a completer for her mate, who is appointed to be the mother of all creation.  A procreator with God! The missing part of her husband! And if she wants to be a housewife somebody actually has the nerve to tell her that she would not be fulfilled and her life would be without meaning! That is a statement only a non thinking person could make!

            As you can tell I am passionate about this subject. It is my belief that God made men and women to each have their own purpose. Each of us is designed to fill a different role in society and in our homes. The way God has designed the home and family has the same governing principles that God placed in creation and is in place within our own governments today. Because of that very design the things that happen in the homes today will always become self evident tomorrow as they spill out into our culture and society. This is an inevitable truth. Look at the dysfunctional homes today. They are many and you can see that there are many problems in our society that make it dysfunctional as well.  

            Now I am going to step out on a limb here. I hope I don't offend to many people, but here goes. During the initial creation process God made Adam, then at a later time He made Eve from Adam by taking a rib (and a  few other crucial things that I will Blog about later ) from Adam. At that point in history everything changed for the man. Adam had previously been given the chance to be a world builder in the image of God, but now he immediately finds himself incomplete and unable to do his task very well.  Why?  Because a part of him is now missing.  His "rib" !  (and those other crucial things )  Now, a little later, here comes his "rib" (the woman) back into the picture.  His "rib" is extremely attractive to Adam because he needs what the "rib" has to offer, because it is what is now missing in him. The scriptures say: Gen 2:23,

And Adam said:  "This is now bone of my bones
      And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman,
      Because she was taken out of Man."

Whew, this is hard to explain. Anyway, the "rib" is also attracted to Adam because the "rib" feels like Adam needs it and since the "rib" was originally a part of Adam it is only natural that it wants to do everything possible to complete in him that part that is missing.  So let's review. Adam tries to do some effective world building. He cannot do it as well as he would like to because he feels incomplete. His "rib" comes along and naturally is compelled to do everything possible to complete Adam. Adam is compelled by the "rib" and the "rib" is compelled to be with Adam because Adam is so pitiful without that one little ole "rib"!

            So, getting back to the point…  Each man and each woman has definite purpose and function which differ tremendously from one another. If the man was designed to be a world builder then according to the principles of creation he needs his mate to be there to help. His job is to Captain the ship, to provide, to protect, to direct, and to be the visionary. She is the one that inspires, completes, and helps to keep his perspectives in line. She is to be his partner, best friend, and confident. The one person that each man should be able to trust with the world he is building. She is the care giver, the protector of her children, and the one who softens the blows of life when needed. (Need a band aid on that knee?) She adds things to the world that no man can even come close to matching. And those things are needed by the man. He can't have them unless she gives them to him. In short, a man cannot best build a world for himself or his family without his "rib" ! She makes it all work the way God intended it to. How can that role be unfulfilling and demeaning? If you believe it is unfulfilling and demeaning, you had best rethink what you believe, because you are wrong !

Until Later, Dave


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