The Soil and the Seed

         Category:   Religion and Philosophy          Saturday, June 02, 2007


Women are likened to the soil of this earth. The soil (woman) starts out prosperous and fertile. Then man comes along and plants seeds in the soil building his world. The soil then nurtures that seed giving nutrients and seeking water to sustain the seed. The soil wraps around the seed absorbing the heat from the sun which causes the seed to develop and grow. After a while the nutrients in the soil needs replenished because it has given all of itself to the man and his seed. If the man is a good steward of the soil he will give back to the soil what has been taken away. Then the soil will be able to continue on with its purpose. But sometimes the man neglects the soil. Then the soil becomes unable to fulfill its mission and purpose. The soil loses its desire to serve the purpose and becomes barren from within. All of the beautiful characteristics of the soil seem to vanish. The man doesn't understand that he is the reason for this embittered character of the soil. He looks at his soil with confusion and becomes disillusioned. He then either falls into a state of mere existence with no sense of accomplishment or he goes on a mission to find new soil that still has life left in it that he can drain the nutrients from with his seed. Sometimes the man repeats this process over and over again never understanding that he is the cause of his own failures.

If any man would just give back to the soil what he takes from it he will find that the soil will prosper him in all ways. That is why God made the soil for the seed and then made man, not woman, steward over it. That is why God made man and woman, with man being the steward of the woman before God Himself. The woman is the soil. The seed being the world the man builds.

Men, have you replenished your soil lately? If not, you better start today before it is too late.

Until later, Dave

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