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Do you know who you are?  I mean do you really know who you are?  Many of us go through life oblivious to our own real identities.  Some of us put on false personalities that we use to protect us or even to impress those around us. This happens more than not.  Many years ago psychologist determined that the most important aspect of our personalities is our own self image.  Self image is who we think we are when on display in public. With that in mind it is easy to see why so many head doctors have concluded that many of their patients have image problems because they simply do not know who they are.  They think that they are the person everyone sees when they are at work.  Reality is that a lot of folks do not know who they are on the inside.  That person usually only comes out when we are under pressure or excited and our guard is down for a second or two.  The sad truth is that a whole bunch of folks do not want anyone to know who they really are.  Then there is another group of people that do not know who they are anyway because they have been so busy being other people for other people that they lost themselves in the mix somewhere.  Folks there are more of those people around then you could imagine.

  "I am the bread of life",  "I am the good Shepherd",  "I am the door,"  "I am the light of the world",  "I am the way, the truth and the life",  "I am the resurrection and the life",  "I am the true vine.  He is the eternal  "I am —" the same, yesterday, and today, and forever."

The Savior of the Israelites was the "I AM".  The Savior of the world said that He was the "I Am".  Isn't that cool?

          Ok, I will get to the point I want to make now.  God called Moses to do a job based on who God knew Moses was. God knew his WLCP's.  WLCP is something I thought up a long time ago.  It is my little way of putting things together sometimes when dealing with some people that are difficult to work with.  W = Weaknesses, L = Limitations, C = Capabilities, and P = Potential.  If I decide to look for your WLCP's you can bet it is for a reason. By the way, one of my gifts is discernment and it takes me about 30 seconds to start my WLCP file on you. Are you a little worried?  Don't be, for I only use the gift when necessary …J Anyway, the truth is that God knows all of our WLCP's and He certainly knew the WLCP's of Moses.  God also undoubtedly knows who He is. The only weak link in this story is that Moses did not know who he was.  Because of that here comes the doubt, insecurities, and fear.  So much was his fear that he even went so far as to tell God that the plan will not work because the people will not believe him.

          Friends my question is this.  Do you know who you are?  If God came to you with a call would you question Him like Moses?  You know God knows who you are.  He made you.  I ask you to pray and ask God to reveal to you the real person inside today. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you see.  If you believe you know who you truly are already then I ask you to pray about helping those who do not know. I will close this Blog with some interesting facts.

1.  Over 75 % of the population of the USA is dealing with some form of personal Identity Crisis.

2.  Mid life crisis is due in part to self image and in part due to poor world building.

3.  In general young people today are not being taught the basics of self image, or world building.

The majority of people in this country do not understand the profit of controlling their thought life or the power of their own mind. Those people will eventually crash and burn.

 Ask your self these questions:

Time Perspective

Can you distinguish immediate gratification from long-term goals?  Have you learned to balance between jumping at opportunities as soon as they are presented to you and working steadily and patiently towards your long-term goal?


Do you feel consistent in your self-image and the image you present to others?

Role Experimentation

Have you tried different roles in search of the one that feels right to you?

Anticipation of Achievement

Do you believe that you will be successful in what you choose to do -- whether your role is at the work front or home front?

Sexual Identity

Do you feel comfortable being a male or a female, and dealing with others as such?

Leadership polarization

Are you able to become both a leader and a follower, whichever is called for in a given situation?


Have you found a set of basic social, philosophical, or religious values that your outlook on life can be based upon?

There are no right answers. Only truthful ones.

Until later, Dave

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