LIVING IN A FANTASY WORLD                                 

            Category:   Religion and Philosophy    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The mind is a curious thing. The inner mind of all people is incredibly powerful. A person is born and brought up with a set of cultural standards that are imposed on him or her. These standards are usually a little different from the previous generations and young rebellion usually leads to learning. When a person cannot find a place to fit within the world he or she has been given or if they have suffered severe trauma such as a particularly abusive experience, they then try to change themselves so they may feel safe or accepted. When a person changes who they are to accommodate or deal with their life, it leads to immediate danger.

          Our subconscious minds are great protectors. We can usually spot a phony person, miles away. So a person who is giving up their personality for the sake dealing with past abuse or poor self image, they will usually be spotted and avoided, so what happens? The person starts to develop several different personalities that will accommodate the many different environments in their lives. All of these personalities they have developed are designed for each relationship the individual has to encounter.  For example; One personality may be a bad dude, the next a musician, the next a skilled craftsman, the next one a powerful manager, so on and so forth... Can you imagine how much of a load that is on the brain? Here is someone that has been forced into a position where he or she has to be one, two, or even 15 different personalities/persons. ( By the way this is called DID, Disassociative Identity Disorder)  The brain is exercised to its' limits, this is providing the higher IQ is present, this brain becomes super intelligent. In fact if a person has the ability to develop that many personalities in one life they have to be extremely intelligent to successfully pull it off.

          The problem with all of this is that the person will eventually burn out. His or her mind will become guilt ridden leading them to the realization that they themselves have not accomplished anything worthwhile with their life.  Why? Because they are two or as many as 15 or more, different personalities/people, not the person that they truly are. They have disassociated. The mind starts to segregate the different people from each other always looking for the one they want to be. The inner mind cannot find that original person (called the host person) so what does it do then?  It creates a fantasy world to hide in! All of this happens in the inner mind and usually during the developmental years of adolescence. These are the years that God intended for us to start our world building!  One of the most fragile times in our life! It is Gods principle that we world build. It is His design that we start in the early years of our lives. The problem with people like I just described is that because they have disassociated and live in a fantasy world, and due to the fact that the mind is going to protect itself from destruction by disassociating, then the world that the young person is building is usually not any of the phony people's worlds but rather the fantasy world that they have used to escape to. (Whew! You may have to read that again!) Now here is the real danger. The world that we build for ourselves in our heart (sub conscious mind) is the world we will live out when we reach our maturity. We have no choice. It is God's principle for us. If we mess it up, then one of several things can happen. We will have to live as we have fantasized, or we will self destruct, or in some rare instances God will wash the person clean. I want to caution you, in that our God is a just God. He expects us to live with accountability and most always we will pay the consequences for our mistakes. After all who would not know that living in a fantasy world is against nature? God designed the universe to be in harmony with itself. Nature or the natural ways that God put in place are the very things that we can use to determine if we are in harmony or not.  An example is the homosexual relationship. No one will ever convince me that any man or woman that is involved in a homosexual relationship can honestly tell me they are comfortable with the naturalness of that relationship. Their inner minds know they are out of harmony with creation. By the way, I want to make it clear that although God hates all sin, He still loves the sinner. Friend, He will never turn you away!

          My question is this. Are you living in a world of fantasy? Is it an escape for you?  If so, you must ask God to help you get it together and put the fantasies away.

The Father says in his word that accepting Christ causes a renewing of the mind. One of the spiritual gifts of all believers is that renewing. In the case of the individual that has created his or her world improperly or haphazardly there will eventually have to be a deliberate renewing of the mind which only will be able to be accomplished through prayer along with great faith. Many people, especially men burnout sometime between 40 and 50 years of age. If you or someone you know has experienced this burning out (otherwise known as a mid life crisis), it is usually caused by a lack of control in the thoughts of the mind during the course of life. Controlling ones thoughts is the hardest obstacle to overcome for those that have created themselves outside of the perimeter of Gods design for that individual. Immediate response and repair is required to pull it all back together and move forward. Controlling the thoughts of the mind through dreams and visions is a Godly approach to the very principles of creation and the one Creator. Now is the time.  If you don't control your thoughts, you will experience what you are building in your mind and you probably will find yourself in later years, regretting and full of repent, but still paying the consequences for your thoughts.

The scriptures state that "your sins will follow you" One of those ways of following is the accountability that a person must and will face during the latter stages of their life. It is how people are created in that we will face the secret world we create. The individual sometimes has to be forced to face those consequences. If they are not forced either from within or by an outside force they will most definitely self- destruct in short time.  In the book of Joel, chapter 2 verse 28

"I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions."

Think about that! Young men will see visions! Old men then see and realize dreams! This example of one of Gods principles at work is written in the early scriptures.


          Here is something to think about:

When one feels out of touch with themselves because they are facing self made consequences it is hard for them to keep a hold on their world.  The person that is self made has no hope other then their own inferior reliance.   But the person that God created has hope in the relationship they have with their creator, even when they at times may feel out of touch.

          I know this is a lot of information to digest so if you or someone you know would like to talk to someone about living in a fantasy world or Disassociative Identity Disorder, please feel free to contact me. 

Until Later, Dave


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