Category:   Religion and Philosophy       Monday, March 26, 2007

When people crossover into areas that are clearly forbidden by the Creator they do not realize what they have done to themselves. The laws of the Old Testament and the new are for the most part designed to teach and protect those that the laws are prescribed to.

          In chapter 1 of Genesis God started setting things apart. Verse 4 was the first division, day from night. Verse 6 was next when He divided the waters with the lands. Verse 7 then divided the heavens from the earth. And it goes on with herbs and plants after their own kind, etc. In short God organized the entire universe through division. This division was a great thing and still is today. Later in scripture He divided people from different lands and then after the people messed up real good He even divided their language. It is clear that God in the process of organizing the world had to divide many things up in order to make all of them together for one purpose. That is the power of God! How many of us can make all things work together by dividing them? The answer is all of us can! After all don't forget that we are made in His image and create our individual worlds in the same manner that He did. That path of creation is thought. Each and every one of us has thought our worlds into existence. Even when things don't go quite right or we are under some circumstance we still have that creative power that will determine how we handle things. Isn't that awesome? I think so.

          There are dangers though. Some of the things that God divided were not to be tampered with by humans. I am in the process of studying some of these things and have found that when God set something apart and then later said something like. " Do not  do (this or that) for it is an abomination to me" This is a clear signal that we need not mess with those things. As I have previously stated, the Word of God (all of it) was given to us to PROTECT us. We harm ourselves if we cross over these lines of protection. Sometimes the destruction is irreversible.  Over the years, I personally have known several situations where individuals have violated one of the several abomination laws and they paid a great price. In all these cases great grief was caused, not only for them but for some of their spouses and families, there was an overwhelming frustration, and inner conflict haunted all of them. Last I knew of them, all of the persons were standing accountable before God, have asked for forgiveness and some I am sure are still praying and hoping that the consequences of the violations will be lifted.  The good news I saw in all of these individuals, was that it lead them to spend more time meditating on who they were in relation to God and hopefully because of that, and since then, have been brought to an inner reconciliation. Sometimes we as people do not appreciate the guidelines that God has given us to protect us, even from ourselves.

More later, Dave


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