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      Have you ever had situations fall apart around you for no apparent reason?  Maybe you are a repeat victim of gossip, or people tend to shy away from you without any apparent cause. Or more seriously, you can't seem to break a bad habit or even start a good habit like exercising or reading scripture daily.  Like most of you I have witnessed a great deal of injustice in this world. I have literally cried out to God with bold questions like, why? God doesn't owe any of us an answer to that question but sometimes if we take time to look at His Word we can find some of the answers to those questions.

            The answer can be summed up in one word. Dynamics! The word dynamic has many different applications. Let's see, there is mechanical dynamics, molecular dynamics, musical dynamics, thermodynamics, gravitational dynamics, and last but certainly not least power dynamics. What was that, power dynamics? Let me give you the dictionary description of power dynamics. It is the dynamics of power, used in sociology. My own definition goes like this. Power dynamics is the organizing force that God instilled in every person He has created to help them prepare for society in eternity.  Deep isn't it? Not really. Think about this, of all of the dynamics listed above which one seems to have the most influence? They all are instrumental in our daily lives. They all influence every move we make. (If you don't believe me, try defying gravity without a rocket tied to your chair)  Dynamics are taken for granted to say the least. Power dynamics are the set of dynamics that control our communication with each other and the world. The world we are suppose to be building for ourselves. Note the word "Power" in power dynamics. Whew! Big stuff!

            Let's look at early creational dynamics. The creation in Genesis Chapters 1 & 2 show tremendous dynamics. Let's think. All of the types of dynamics that were listed above were created by God during creation. God set about the work of dividing things up. Day from night, waters from land, heavens from the earth, good from evil, etc.

You might be asking what this has to do with our lives today. Well as an example  let's say that you are being victimized by gossip. You cannot understand how it is that people will not leave you alone! If you did understand then maybe you could deal with it better and get on with your life. If you can't get on with your life because of this problem then eventually you will crash and burn and sometimes your inner identity will change who you think you are according to the gossip, eventually making you paranoid and suspicious. This will lead you to be unfruitful and unproductive. What a terrible way to live. Maybe that is why the scriptures point out that the tongue is like a two edged sword. It kindles a fire that cannot be put out. By the way, if you are gossiping about someone then SHAME ON YOU! Or if you know of someone that is gossiping  and do not hold that person accountable then DOUBLE SHAME ON YOU!  Back to the subject of Dynamics, it the gossip that is at fault for your demise? Or is it your way of dealing with the gossip? I am here to say the latter is the truth.  Remember in one of my other blogs I talked about God making us in His image?  If you missed that one I encourage you to check it out. In there I stated that we are each responsible for creating our own worlds. Just like God created and used awesome dynamics to create His world,  He also demands that we do the same. If we allow ourselves to be consumed by negative dynamics in our lives and we surrender to those negatives then our dynamic will cause us to stumble. I am not saying that we are always responsible for the things that happen around us, or our environment at the moment, but we are responsible for our thoughts and how we choose to handle those negatives. You can change your dynamics for life and then all of these things that cause you to stumble will change with time.


By the way this applies to much more than gossip. That was just an easy example for me to use. You can also apply this to job problems, finances, relationships, addictions, the fact that some people just don't seem to like you very much, or just plain being in the habit of making bad choices for yourself. Each of us has a thought life. The question we need to ask. Am I thinking in a positive God like manner or am I thinking in a negative selfish way. Each of us is a magnet that draws from afar what we create. This is how we are made.

Until later, Dave

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