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The family tradition of country music started in 1949 with Porter McDowell, included his son, David who started his own band, Sweet Water Junction Band in 1979. Passing the music down to his children,  In 1995 the family started traveling full time, eight children, across this nation, the entire immediate McDowell Family, singing their own brand of Southern Gospel Music.  After coming off the road and taking a 2002 they made preparations to go back to the band's/family's musical roots, which were in country and southern music.  As long as there is a demand, the Christmas CD and gospel projects from those days can still be purchased / heard right here or you can find them on Amazon and also on CD Baby
(the gospel & Christmas projects) or CD Baby (for the country songs)
Residing in the border hills of the Carolinas, as of 2017, they have retired other than to accept a few Festival bookings per year primarily in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida.  The official name of the group is  Sweet Water Junction Band ... a Family Tradition since 1949.  This family band consists of the two oldest girls Reshana Marie and Tasha, a dynamic duo of talent and beauty, along with David (the father), Shaun, Sheldon and Chase McDowell along with son-in-law Tim McGatha.  
The focus of this band is to "just be themselves" and do what they do best, which is their country fried roots!    Their goal  is to deliver to you the best of their talents which God has so graciously given to them.  So really the main change from the old days is just their variety in music with an assortment of Country and Southern music for your enjoyment and booking only a few festivals per year.  Please check back later as they are updating their family site to include many photo albums, a family tree, and information and pictures covering the past years of their singing road travels. They will also include general family information (and pictures) on all the children, since they were babies! 
Please visit their band site at  SWEET WATER JUNCTION BAND  or click on the The Sweet Water Junction Band Site,  link on the left for more information on bookings, music, pictures, and the history of the Family Tradition of country music which started in 1949.  Visit their Facebook FAN PAGE  and Facebook PEOPLE PROFILE  and also their MY SPACE    become a friend and fan on these sites.  As of July 2017, Reshana Marie, still appearing with the family band a few times a year has also started her own band called "Reshana Marie" Her Band has a good friend on drums, Cody, her husband Tim, her father Dave McDowell and her youngest brother, Chase McDowell. For more information and her performance dates go to her official website
Reshana Marie Band.

They would also like to invite you read  Dave's Blogs .  Writings from his heart on  Spiritual subjects and Philosophy


If you'd like to keep in touch                                with our family you can contact us at   or 

  NOTE:  McDowell Coaches Sold
The 45' Eagle and the 35' GMC coach have sold. Click for pictures of these.


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